Jeff Konrad's music puzzles together a unique brand of vocal poetics with a sorted sonic DNA that exhibits strains of folk and electronic. Konrad's third LP Artbreak  was released in 2017 on his indie label imprint Radical Turf Records. In addition to Radical Turf, Konrad has released albums and compilation singles on labels including Future Appletree, Diskatopia and Deep Elm. Konrad's music has received national airplay on college radio with his first two releases charting on the CMJ Top-200. Konrad has licensed music to a variety of outlets including MTV for it's television programming. As well as composing and recording his own music, Konrad is an audio mastering engineer for regional bands and artists in the burgeoning Quad Cities' Illinois + Iowa music scene.

Discography and Credits:


Albums as Konrad:

Konrad - Artbreak (Radical Turf 2017)

Konrad - Shadow Boxing (Radical Turf 2012)

Konrad - Loose Canyons (Radical Turf 2008)


ROBOT USA - The Closet Freak (Radical Turf 2012)

ROBOT USA - 1+1=11 (Radical Turf 2010)

ROBOT USA - s/t (Diskatopia 2000/Radical Turf-reissue 2009)

Album collaboration with Patrick Stolley:

Struggle in the Hive - s/t (Future Appletree/Radical Turf 2006)



Hello Quad Cities LP (Ragged Records 2012)

New Music Sampler Volume 48 (Magnet Magazine 2008)

Radical Turf Presents: Hello Future? (Radical Turf 2007)

Radical Turf presents: First Disguised as Last (Radical Turf 2006)

This is Indie Rock vol. 3 (Deep Elm 2006)

Radical Turf presents: Tales from the Oxygen Den (Radical Turf 2004)

Diskatopia's Intimate Gathering vol. 1 (Diskatopia 1998)



Konrad - A Christmas Vibe (Radical Turf 2011)


Appearances on other albums:

The Multiple Cat - The Return Of (Guilt Ridden Pop 2015)

Trace Elements - Star Trekking (New Rock & Zodiac Records 2009)

The Marlboro Chorus - American Dreamers (Future Appletree 2007)

Chrash - Audio Feng Shui (Future Appletree 2006)

Chrash - The Party (Future Appletree 2002)

Wisteria Losenge - My Life the Chinese Box (Diskatopia 1999)

Synaptic Flow - Biotechnology (Diskatopia 1999)

The Multiple Cat - elements of the... (Guilt Ridden Pop 1998)


As Mastering Engineer:
The Velies - Caught In Places
Angela Meyer - Consequence
Us Mode - Euphemisms & Other Double Talk
Donnie Bobb - Can't Go Around It, Gotta Go Through It
Steve Baumann - Time. Life & Love
Boris The Spider - Throwin Goats
Brooks Strause - Benjamin

AliciaAnn - Sippin' On You
Konrad - Artbreak

Mountain Swallower - 2017

Things Falling Apart - blind hammer i miss you like nails

Mountain Swallower - 2016

Songs From The House - Fortress EP

Land of Blood and Sunshine - Lady And The Trance (LP prep.)

Brooks Strause - The Chymical Wedding of

The Multiple Cat - Intricate Maps

The Multiple Cat - lovers +4 (DP transfer)

Chrash - Things My Friends Say
Hello Quad Cities - Volume 2 LP (Ragged Records 2012)

Hans Breder - 7

Radical Turf Presents - Tales from the Oxygen Den

Radical Turf Presents - First Disguised as Last

Radical Turf Presents - Hello Future?

Tegan and Sara - Daytrotter session October 18th 2010

Doomtree (Dessa, SIMS, Cecil Otter, Mike Mictlan) Daytrotter session - Mar 30, 2010

Foals - Daytrotter session Oct 14, 2010

Thank You - Daytrotter session Oct 16, 2010

Marmoset - Daytrotter session Apr 3, 2010

Pronto - Daytrotter session Oct 17, 2010

Blind Boys of Alabama - Daytrotter Session Mar 29, 2010

Grogshow - s/t (co-mastered with Patrick Stolley)

Struggle In The Hive - s/t (co-mastered with Patrick Stolley)

Robot USA - 1+1=11

Robot USA - The Closet Freak Robot USA - s/t






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