Canyon Blue


I'm riding horseback and the law is on my trail.
Been robbing town square banks from Richmond to
Des Moines. All of my posse has been killed or is in jail
and the only friend I have's this horse named Sunday.
I'll quit this life before I'm old but first I've gotta grab
some gold before I settle down with you in Tempe.
Cause darling if your there for me I'll put this pistol
down to sleep and buy a patch of land and raise some cattle. But first I've gotta make it there and 19 counties bridge us dear and all of them's got posters with my bounty. So if perchance I meet my end before I reach
your arms again remember that your virtue nearly saved me.

Canyon Blue - watch out for rattlers up ahead
Canyon Blue - watch out for engines 'round the bend
Canyon Blue - watch out the hangman wants your neck

© 2008 Radical Turf Publishing