Press reviews of the 2012 Konrad LP Shadow Boxing :

"A full-length album worthy of attention, in the vein of Beck and Elliot Smith, Konrad's musical talents are numerous. This album is enticing!"

"After repeated plays ‘Shadow Boxing’ peels back it’s charm layer by layer and you are somehow smitten. "
-Americana UK

"Konrad writes upbeat smart melodic pop songs that are instantly familiar...and they emit wonderfully warm and inviting vibrations. "

"with a heap of friends on different instruments he/they make an interesting little pop record here...It’s surely worth hearing"

"Konrad typically employs an everything-including-the-kitchen-sink approach, but he’s got the conviction and the ear to make it work. "
-River Cities Reader

"Konrad deftly combines acoustic instruments with analog electronics."
-Beats and Blood

"(Konrad) experiments in all the right ways and yet still provides a solid core sound to build upon."

"(Konrad) combines a melange of sounds into a power-pop sound."

"Through it all runs a post-prog attitude of elliptical phrasing and extended tangential lines. There's a lot here to digest, and most of it is quite intriguing."
-Aiding & Abetting (Jon Worley)

Press reviews of the 2008 Konrad LP Loose Canyons:

"the (Konrad) record is wholly unique...making this the soundtrack to a dance party and a lazy afternoon all at the same moment"

"(the Konrad album) gets better each time you listen to it. How? I can only guess that because there's so much going on in each song, you hear new exciting bits of it you hadn't heard previously."
-Repeat Repeat

"engaging...jangling poetics intermixed with astrally arkestral songs"
-Beats and Blood

"masterful intellectual slacker pop "
-First Coast News

"the Konrad album has come out pretty well, I think."

"Konrad makes music that is completely experimental, but still melodic and totally addictive"

"I'd highly recommend it to any fan of electronic music"
-Big Diction

"there is something indefinably disturbing about Konrad's whimsical cacophony"
-Girl Sonic

"Glitched out indie electronic weird goodness. "

"Never boring, never standing still, never making sense, it is truly different and it's not often you can say that."
-Americana UK

"I'd definitely listen to it again."
-The Umbilical Chord

"the love child of Gorillaz and Dan Deacon"
-Almost A-List

"Konrad's slim, peculiar arrangements are surprisingly endearing...repeat worthy"

-A Limerick Ox