Shapeshifting Marathons

Hopeful niches will find you.
Longhorn green in tough discreet.
Sowing stitches on sad spoiled sheets are burning now.
If I meet you the teacher will breach through and slow us down.
Papers selling on the corner, headline reading no defeat.
Burning bridges still roll like some petrol laced tinder sticks.
How can I save you I can’t save myself?
Pardon my German.
Hoarding bullets for the fortress.
Buddha shrines and pepper spray.
Plastic confidence fear is the water around my boat.
No more the simple fab sunny skies rolling hills mountain springs.
How can I ever run shape shifting marathons?
Uphill and downhill and this way and that.
How can I, how, how can I? Ever run?
In circles, in circles with you?
How can I save you I can’t save myself?

© 2008 Radical Turf Publishing