Summer Nights

Summer nights, lightning bugs.
Home by streetlights or sneak out forever.
Summer nights, kool aid buzz.
Home by sunrise or suffer the weather.
Yeah it's allright...hold my hand we're not kids
but we're far from dead.
Summer nights, switchblades rule.
BMX liquor was school.
Yeah it's allright...take a chance.
We can share some blood, shed some skin. Yeah it's allright...hold my hand We can reach the rooftop tonight.
Can you see the writing on the wall?
Mother Mary don't fall.
Your son's not dead, he merely went home. To a place, brighter than all the stars in space.Summer nights, were higher than eagles.
Kisses after dark, lookout park.
Summer nights, jean jackets ruled, kisses after dark.
Look out for sharks.
Yeah it's all right...hold my hand
Were not alive but were far from born. It's all right...
hold my hand.
Were not kids but were far from dead.

© 2008 Radical Turf