Twinkle Toes

How can we twinkle toes reach the highest bit when were so locked down in this mess that we, create every time that we meet and part, with your smile I start to melt today. How can we crocodile reach the farthest swamp,
till we're so shut out from this fucked up world.
Create every time that we stop and start, it’s your heart pounding like a drum machine. How can we reach the snow with our climate dry?, No signs of life in this silent amp. submit every time with the sharp design with your smile I’m standing on my head.
Time with it’s actions and incoherences.
Wound with it’s coil it’s brass knuckle foil.
Cold currents mean streak occurs with a silent hello.
Wound with it’s spoils it’s gold finger toils.

© 2008 Radical Turf Publishing